michael waters




1954 Born in Vancouver BC

1967 Boarded at St. George’s School in Vancouver

1972 Began annual travels - Mexico, Europe, Africa

1974 Met longtime traveling companion Marcel Kahn, in Switzerland,

1974 Utah, Velcaire France with Marcel

1974 Met Alejandro Jodorowski in Paris - the first of several annual visits

1982 Hollyhock purchased

1983 Met Sophie, 5th arrondissement in Paris, staying in Rue de la Huchette

1984 Married Sophie in Paris, age 29

1986 Ariel born

1989 Iris born

1995 Emmanuel born

2004 Began composing full time, age 50

2005 Famous in Mongolia

2006 Lost in Tierra del Fuego

2006 Uganda to record with Bead for Life choir, met Kinobe

2007 Sprit & Space, performed in Dubai

2008 Nomad

2011 Acoustic Psychedelic Chill

2011 Nomad 2

2013 The Farmer’s Cathedral

2013-2016 Golden Rice campaign

2014 Golden Rice European tour

2014 Ambient Under Waters recorded

2015 The Palace of Paul Horn recorded